At your complimentary first visit to Dr. Wiggins' office, he will examine the patient and discuss a treatment plan with you in detail. This discussion will include his recommended treatment, length of treatment, the expected results and cost involved.

The treatment fees for Dr. Wiggins are based on the type of treatment and the complexity of your case. We offer convenient, monthly, no-interest payment plans. If you have an orthodontic insurance benefit, we will be happy to file your insurance claim on your behalf. Our financial arrangements with you will be made based on the difference between your treatment fee and your estimated insurance benefit.

The next appointment will be the records appointment. At this appointment, he will take photos of your face and teeth, impressions of the teeth, a bite record, and a panoramic and cephlemeter x-rays. This information is used to develop your custom treatment plan and to track your progress as your treatment proceeds. At this appointment, he will also put spacers between the pre-molars and molars of the upper arch to create enough space to place bands around those teeth at the following appointment.

The following week he will place the braces on the upper and lower teeth. One of his assistants will then educate the patient on proper care of the appliances. These two appointments will take approximately an hour each.

Once all the braces are on, Dr. Wiggins will see the patient once a month to adjust the braces. These appointments will last 15-30 minutes.