“As an adult, I wasn't thrilled about getting braces again after having them as a teenager. However, I was thrilled with the care and service I received from Dr. Wiggins and his staff. It's about time for my kids to get braces and we will be visiting Doc very soon.”
     - Jenny G.

“Dr. Wiggins did my mom's braces and mine. He was always positive and professional. 15 years later my teeth still look great and I'll be sending my daughter to his office soon.”
     - Britney S.

“Two 7 year olds think he's all the rave! The office is so nice! There's nothing scary at all about going! We even got ice cream tickets."
     - Katie H.

“Best experience ever! Best orthodontist around!”
     - Sarah K.

“My niece was visiting from out of town and had something break with her braces. Dr. Wiggins was so great to help fix the problem and stop the pain. That was before he even took care of our own children's braces!”
     - Cate C.

“Dr. Wiggins, you were always happy and smiling when I would come for my appointments. You gave me a smile that I am still proud of. Thank you so much!”
     - Christie G.

“You made such an impact on my SMILE that I became a DENTIST!!”
     - Shelley S.

“Dr. Wiggins, I will always remember you whistling or singing along to the easy listening station! Thank you for my straight smile!!!”
     - Shannon T.

“You fixed my beautiful daughter's underbite 26 years ago with a retainer and she has a beautiful smile today. She was 4 years old. Thanks!”
     - Jane S.

“I was one of your very first patients back in the late 70's. You put braces on me then all 3 of my children and now you have one of my grandchildren! Soooo glad you’re dedicated to your calling! Frankfort can't do without you doc!!!!”
     - Donna H.